What Customers are Saying:

Harrison Withers / USA (Very First Customer)

One of the items in my order is the CDI unit, which as I understand it, is the first one in the US. I have to tell you, Chinoy was meticulous at making sure this thing was going to work on a US spec bike. We exchanged digital pictures and the whole bit. EVERYTHING is labeled and totally top-notch. I can wait to get this thing on the bike.

The kit has been installed and is running great ready the complete story on the Alexe's RD Forum Where I have posted a review of the kit.

Jan Tore / Norway (Second Customer)

I have just mounted the CDI on my bike, and guess what. The bike started on first kick, and idled very smoothly. Have also fitted a 100/55w headlight bulb. I must say that the light before was candlelight's compared to this. Yes! You got it right, you don't actually need a battery! Great for racing, less weight! I guess this kit makes the bike a few kg lighter, since the magnetic drum and coils are far lighter than the old system. What is also a nice one for my 27 year old RD is that it comes complete with new wiring harnes for the entire bike, blowing away problems with crunched wires and bad contacts. Great job Chinoy!  

John / USA (347th Customer)

I am very happy with your CDI, please instruct me on how to leave feedback. My Dynojet Dyno at work showed a 3 hp gain and 4% better burn efficiency. I changed nothing else but the ignition.


J. R. Coleman / USA (Dec-02)

Just a quick note to advise you I have my '78 Yamaha RD400 up and running. Since the bike sat in the weather for over ten years before I bought it you can imagine what kind of shape it was in, including the wiring harness. It was totally corroded and useless. Your CDi system with the new harness made that part a dream to restore. The bike started on the second kick and runs perfectly. I will send photos as soon as I am able. Thanks for making a superior product, and thanks for making it so affordable. I will gladly furnish a glowing recommendation to any potential customer. You service is first rate and the product is superior.

J. R. Coleman
Marion, Arkansas USA

Customers Bikes:

Owner: Andrew Franchi (UK)
Setup: Spondon racing frame, Farlon LC Barrels 440cc 70+BHP, Abcon pipes, upside down forks and 4pot calipers with 320mm dia.
Comments: I've received the CDI and I'm suitably impressed, I hadn't thought the quality of the extra's was going to be as good as they are, hat's off to you it's good.

Owner: April Gilbert.(USA)
Setup: RD350 (65BHP), Chambers, 32mm Mikuni Flat Slides.

Owner: Harrison Withers .(USA)
Setup: RD350, Chambers

Customer: Jan Zanutto, USA
Comments: Running with Chinoy's boost bottle and electrical CDI upgrade kit- high quality and noticeable difference in performance.